Snowing again......

At The AC Doctors, we just love cold weather! We say, "The colder, the better!" Thank you so much for considering us for you heating repair needs. Additionally, the "new" economy has consumer optimism at a record high. We are receiving many replacement request phone calls. If we can help you with upgrading an existing hvac system, please give us a call.

It's a bit crazy around here, with kids going back to college and school starting back at the local elementary and secondary schools, but we have been able to meet the heavy demand, a real blessing.

Love and Hate this New Thermostat

I love touch display screen thermostats. This came up today, when a Carrier Infinity controller died and had to be replaced by an upgraded model, which looks and acts totally different. Sure, the new one is wifi, but this application didn't matter to the 88 year old resident. The issue that I hate about this job today is the price of the manufacturer specific controller. YOU MUST USE THE CARRIER INFINITY SPECIFIED THERMOSTAT/CONTROLLER. And get this:

You must pay $1000 for this product. Really? Are hvac manufacturers crazy? I think so when it comes to controls. That is why NEST and Ecobee, and even industry stalwart Honeywell is winning vs the manufacturers.


Lockouts and Heat Pumps

We love heat pumps and they really do work. I know there are doubters out there who disagree will me. But fancy this: an AC unit is a Heat Pump!  An AC unit pumps heat from the inside of a living space to the outside environment. Intuitively many know this because they have felt the hot air coming out the top of their outside condensing unit. AC professionals are truly heat pumping specialists!

But some strange things can happen with all of the new (and often more sophisticated) thermostat controls. These controls can have lock out settings to either lock out the outside unit from running or lock out the inside aux. heat strips. When it is really cold outside, say 20 degrees F, there isn't much heat in the outside air to pump inside the house. There is a balance point for heat pumps where the outside unit starts trailing off heat production and the inside strips need to run at the same time to make up the difference. Typically, this is assumed to be 35 degrees F, but we design our systems to outperform that common number. I've designed systems to provide the right amount of heat at 17 degrees F. It really has to do with the equipment performance and installation. For example, a slightly oversized Goodman unit may outperform a mismatched Rheem system at lower outdoor temperatures. It all depends on the equipment design, selection, and installation.

So, the indoor heating strips can also be locked out. Typically they shouldn't be needed in 50 degree weather. The heat pump should have no problem heating the house. Oftentimes, they are not and the homeowner pays more for heating than necessary. The power company appreciates that! Additionally, the heat strips can be locked out from running with the outside unit. This can lead to chilly rooms at lower outside temperatures.

Confused by all of this technical jargon? Give us a call or lets talk about this over a cup of coffee. Heat Pumps have stood the test of time and we use them in many new construction homes. Our geographic location is ideal for them. It's only on the really cold days, like these past few, where the lockouts play a really noticeable role.

Building a New Website

I really am a better hvac professional than website creator, so please be patient with my progress. I hope to convey more images of our work and our processes. I believe you will be impressed. What a way to start the new year! Frigid cold, lots of service calls, and building a new website all at the same time. The Lord promises us the abundant life for sure!

Happy New Year!

As we reflect on 2017, I'm so grateful for our loyal customers and for our talented co-workers. 2017 was a year of hope for greater things to come. At the end of the year, tax reform passed and consumers should have more money to spend this year. We saw an uptick in replacements and more interest in new construction projects. Are we in for a boom? I hope so. The new leadership in DC gives most all hvac companies hope for greater customer satisfaction. From my family to yours, I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!